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Q. Is the sale freehold or leasehold?

A. Sales are Long Leasehold with all leases ending on 31 December 2119.

Q. Is there a Ground Rent under the lease?

A. The ground rent is currently £80 per annum for a standard chalet payable annually on 1 January each year. The Ground Rent is reviewed every 10 th year in line with the Retail Price Index.

Q. Are there any other outgoings?

A. There is a Service Charge with each lessee paying a fair proportion of common area and facility costs. These include for example grass cutting, cctv, estate lighting, litter picking, water and drainage and maintenance of common areas. The estimate for the current year is £207.45. The landlord also pays for the insurance of the chalets and recharges the cost. The cost for the current year commencing 1 st July is £152.50. Upon purchase a proportion of the Service charge, Insurance and Ground Rent will be payable based on the date of completion. Please note it has not been possible to insure from sea related flood.

Q. What are the lessee’s maintenance obligations?

A. Leaseholders are responsible for the Repair and Maintenance of their chalets and must maintain them in good condition. Walls between chalets are party walls. The Landlord is responsible for determining the colour and for external painting with the cost recharged.

Q. Who pays the Rates for the Chalet?

A. The lessee pays the Rates. Up to date information to follow.

Q. Are there any Rules and Regulations that apply to all the chalets to ensure standards are


A. Yes, a copy can be made available on request. These are important to ensuring all chalet owners are aware of the Rules which are in the interests of maintaining standards.

Q. How secure is the site?

A. The whole site is covered CCTV cameras which can be accessed remotely. The cameras switch to remote monitoring and alarm systems during the night.

Q. Will I be able to resell my chalet at a future date?

A. Yes, and quite a few have been resold over recent years.

Q. Can I let out my chalet.

A. Yes, and some do. The landlord currently offers a reletting service to those interested. Any occupiers must be made aware of the Rules and Regulations. The chalets have always been in high demand in the summer holiday months so letting can provide a useful income to owners.

Q. Is access to the site ever restricted?

A. The site was closed during COVID and the Promenade is closed on occasion in the event of very high tides and storms.

Q. Are there any toilets?

Chalet Site Plan



Scarborough Beach Chalets are situated on Scarborough's North Bay promenade. Ample Pay-and-display parking is available the whole way around the marine drive, park up to 2 hours for free on disc zones within a short walking distance.